Make Eating Salad A Pleasure

Many of us know we should eat plenty of vegetables and add raw food more consistently iStock_000011175046XSmall_optto our diets.  Sometimes it just gets, well, tiring to chew that much raw food.  One way we have discovered to make eating salads more enjoyable is to slice it into ribbons.  It’s not as hard as it sounds!  Really!  Just place salad greens into a salad bowl.  Take two serrated knives and proceed to drag the knives away from each other.  It chops up the greens in moments, making them much easier to chew and it’s amazing how much more you can eat.  We probably double the amount of salad we ingest at one time.

Generally when I make salad in this way I also grate carrots directly into the bowl and do the same with beets.  Beets have huge benefits for the gallbladder and liver.  Grating them and adding a tasty dressing disguises the earthiness of the beets.  While I totally love roasted beets I’m not as fond of them raw and the above process takes care of that!

Try chopping your salad greens and adding grated vegetables.  I think you’ll be amazed at the difference!

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