Bone Broth Update

In one of my earlier posts I wrote about chicken stock.  When cooked long enough it is then considered bone broth.  You can read about it here and another article here.  Bone broth is extremely healthy and healing to the body, especially in the area of digestion.  At a health seminar taught by a local naturopath I learned of an old South American proverb that says “a good bone broth can heal the dead”!  So maybe that isn’t exactly true but the point was that bone broth can help with a variety of issues and certainly aid us in keeping healthy.

Recently my sister-in-law asked if I knew anything about bone broth as she had a friend having great success with drinking a cup daily.  We were actually eating it at that moment, as our chicken dish was full of this goodness! Here is what her friend had to say:

I was having all kind of digestion issues that were getting worse.  Over a 5 year period, I slowly started experiencing pain when I ate raw veggies or drank powdered protein drinks.  Also, I wasn’t absorbing Vitamin D although I was taking 5000 units a day.  I tried taking digestive enzymes but they caused me pain and nausea.  My stomach was getting bigger, not my gut, up higher.   I had several sonograms, but nothing was found and my acid reflux was getting worse.  It didn’t seem like it mattered what I did…nothing worked and I couldn’t lose weight.  My doctor wanted me to try a vegan diet and I did for a little while, but then I started hurting every time I ate anything and I never felt good.  So I googled my symptoms and I found a good website about SIBO – small intestine bacteria overgrowth.   

 On that website, SIBO was explained and the symptoms were discussed and it nailed my condition.  There was a link to a paleo based diet and bone broth was part of that diet.   It had a link to a bone both recipe which is what I go by.  Everything I’ve read on bone broth says to use pastured animals.  When I make my bone broth, I put a whole chicken along with the organ meat, in a crock pot with filtered water and some apple cider vinegar.  After the chicken is done, I remove the meat from the bones and put the bones back in the crock pot and let it cook a total of at least 24 hours.  When I got tired of making my own, I found the Wise Choice site.  Their bone broth is really good! 

 I don’t remember where I read about all the healing properties of bone broth, but it’s appropriately called gut healing!  I read that it helps with absorption which was definitely one of my problems and it’s good for osteoporosis and I have osteopenia which I hope will improve now.  A very nice result was after 3 weeks on the SIBO diet I lost 15 pounds!  It literally fell off and I think the bacteria in my small intestine was zapped because my big stomach disappeared.  And I finally feel good!!

Isn’t that a great testimonial to what great food can do for us!  In addition to that my cousin told me recently that bone broth and probiotics relieved all of her symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.  She no longer has it.  She also used pastured animals (allowed to eat what God designed them to eat, grazing or pecking for food, and not kept in close confinement) to make her bone broth.  I don’t know that the results would be the same by choosing bones from conventionally raised animals in feed lots or hen houses.  I also will tell you that if bone broth is purchased from  Wise Choice Market it will COST!!!  A LOT!!!  However the cost of medication can be expensive as well, from what I’m told, so it may be worth it to look into their product.

It is somewhat pricey to purchase truly pastured beef and especially poultry.  A great way to purchase beef is to go together with friends and split a side or a quarter.  I’ll be doing that later this spring with a friend.

Let us know if you put bone broth to the test and what you discover!


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