Let’s Shop

Today I want to share some of my favorite places to purchase items I’ve linked to in previous posts.  I’ve figured out what works for me over time and would like to save you the hassle of figuring it for yourself!

Azure Standard is a great resource for many food and nonfood items.  I purchase a LOT  from them.  It is somewhat of a co-op in that your total group order must purchase a set amount monthly and the minimum for each individual order is $50.  (This is no problem for me!  If it is order with a friend.)  Each person orders from and pays Azure directly.  The individual orders are boxed separately and then is shipped by a trucking company.  The trucks are equipped with refrigerator and freezer sections.  Pick up is once per month.  When participating each person is asked to volunteer to help set up, unload or clean up the area about three times per year.  I enjoy the times when I’m able to help as I’ve met new friends there and see old friends as well.    (For local people it is at the Memorial Road Church of Christ located at Memorial and Eastern.  There are drops all around the metro area for those who aren’t in Edmond.)  Some of the items I order monthly are fresh beets, pastured butter, and frozen blueberries.  I also order most of my organic grains, baking items, olive oil, herbs and spices from them.  Sometimes I order in bulk and then split with friends as the price is even better.  Examples of that are apples, olive oil, cocoa, sugar, spelt grain, etc.  Check out the thousands of products they offer and see if this option might work for you!  (You will have to create an account before seeing the prices by providing an email address and password.)

When I’m purchasing coconut oil I always order from Tropical Traditions.  Waiting for free shipping days saves a ton of money so I try to have enough to last!  Free shipping is offered about once a month, I’d say.  Generally I get a 5 gallon bucket of the green label variety and split with 4 others.  The price is just under $12 per quart with a gallon coming in at $47.80.  Depending on what I’m preparing this lasts me about 2 months, maybe a little less during the holiday season.  Considering I use coconut oil for eye makeup removal, night cream, baking, sauteing, deodorant (recipe ideas coming!) adding to soups and smoothies, etc. I feel this cost is pretty reasonable!

Sprout’s is where I shop locally for things I need weekly such as produce.  They carry the Napa Valley olive oil that I like and occasionally have to purchase if I’m out and it isn’t time for the Azure order.  Wednesday’s are great for shopping as they honor the previous week’s sales as well as the current ones.  Unless you don’t like crowds!

Target is where I purchase my organic tortilla chips.  I try not to do that too often as my habit of eating those could border on obsessive!  The Simply Balanced brand is my favorite and I love both the blue and white.  Occasionally I also purchase avocados when going to every store in town looking for the perfect ones I need in two hours!

Hope that helps!  What have you found that works for you?

2 thoughts on “Let’s Shop

  1. Robin, it really is an all purpose oil and the more you use it the more uses you find for it! I don’t use it exclusively – I also use real butter and olive oil liberally – but I do use a lot of it.


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