What Do Library Fines and Healthy Eating Have in Common?

Well, nothing, unless your library fines are starting to resemble the national deficit!  (And by the way, I had to google how to appropriately use the words do and does when writing this post!  Not sure I got it right, but I finally had to choose!)  Today’s post is about “found” money and how that helps to budget for organic, healthier food choices.

We all like found money.  You know, when you put on a pair of jeans that somehow escaped being washed at the end of winter, put your hand into the pocket and pull out a five dollar bill.  Or like the time in college I checked the pay phone in my dorm to find it filled to the brim with change.  That paid for the laundry mat that week.  When the kids were little we would often walk through the parking lot of the local high school on our way to the park and find change that had been thrown onto the ground.  That was obviously before debit cards!

Back to the library fines.  This week was particularly painful.  I had somehow accrued over $7.00 in fines!  I was bemoaning that fact to my good friend, Lynn.  She informed me that you could sign up for notifications that a book would soon be due!  How did I not know this?  Maybe because when we got these library cards MANY years ago we didn’t have a computer?  How much money could I have saved over the years?  Now I realize that $7.00 is not going to cover my groceries for a week.  But occasionally when I’m stretching my food budget a bit at the end of the month that money would certainly be welcome!  So my point is to look over your budget, see where you might be wasting money, paying extra money where you don’t need to and see if there is some “found” money waiting to be found!

I’m sure no one else out there is unaware of how to be notified by email that a book is almost due but here is how it’s done if you live in the Oklahoma City area.  Sign in and then place the cursor on “My Account”.  One of the choices will be “Notifications/Reminders”.  Carefully look over the form to see that you have clicked in the right place to be notified by email or text.  As easy as that!  You’ll be happy to know that it worked perfectly for me!  I got a reminder email two days ago, went to my account and renewed that book.  No library fine for me.  Now what will I purchase with that found money……………a delicious avocado, a bottle of kombucha,………………the possibilities are endless!

Where have you “found” money?

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