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Does It Really Matter What We Eat?

Does it really make a difference?  Other than keeping our tummies full and providing Tami's Fall Greens_optenergy?  Sometimes I think about this when I tire of grocery shopping, planning and preparing meals, cleaning up, etc.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to eat out or not bother with making sure I’m using whole foods, just fixing the yummiest thing on Pinterest?  Well, yes, it would be easier, sometimes.  But then I get an email like the following and it renews my determination to eat the healthiest I can and encourage others to do so as well:

“So, to some this may seem like a small victory in the grand scheme of life, but to me its a little miracle!! I wanted to share with you both that for the first time in five months, I started my period without any nausea or throwing up! I attribute it to decreased intake of sugar and drinking fresh ginger tea regularly. Oh, and eating more leafy greens. Thank you SO much for all the suggestions. We’ll see if this little miracle continues….  : )”

This email was from a good friend of my daughters (in her mid 20’s) who asked if I knew of anything to help her with difficult menstrual problems.  She had problems in the past and her dr. suggested getting on birth control.  This wasn’t an option she was willing to take.  It eased up for a time but then returned.  Within a few months of making dietary changes she had positive results.  She didn’t even go cold turkey getting off sugar (and has not entirely succeeded in that yet).

Another friend recently shared that she stopped using products with artificial sweeteners.  Her depression of the last couple of years subsided for the most part after I suggested she try making that change.

In this blog post I shared the experience of my sister-in-laws friend about the great results she had drinking bone broth (chicken or beef stock) to help alleviate her intestinal issues.

A couple of days ago I read this blog post about how a family has been able to help their foster children regain health and calm behaviors using a whole food diet.

So, friends, I’ll keep doing my best to prepare and eat the delicious foods God has given to care and nourish our bodies and I’ll encourage you to do that as well!  And if you do have some sort of health challenge you’d like to see improve, do a quick google search to see if there are any foods or other natural remedies that might bring you some positive changes!


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