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What’s the Gut Got to Do With It?

Seasonal allergies, asthma, auto immune diseases, brain fog, PMS, depression, thyroid problems, inflammatory disorders, arthritis, not to mention the usual suspects – bloating, gas, chronic constipation, diarrhea, irritable bowel syndrome – and many more.  Wait a minute, gut health – or lack of – can have something to do with all of those?  Yes, and even more.  I’ve heard up to 200 conditions can be linked back to the health of the gut.  Yikes!  So what is a person to do?  And where is one to begin?  Well, for starters there is a free online seminar being offered this week.  It’s entitled Heal Your Gut Summit and here is the link to register:  There are several speakers sharing their experiences or offering their expertise in how to regain gut health and in so doing, regain, or at least improve overall health.

There are many reasons why our gut has been compromised.  One is a lack of preparing our food properly with processes such as soaking, sprouting, or souring (as in sourdough).  I mentioned soaking in last week’s post.  To learn more about that click here.  Other reasons are over use of antibiotics, medications, stress, eating processed foods, eating things that aren’t even foods at all like artificial sweeteners, additives, and preservatives.

Sometimes we just want to quickly throw something at the problem like eating more yogurt or taking a probiotic.  While those may be helpful more is often needed.  One of the most foundational practices is making and drinking bone broth.  See information about that here and here.    Another would be avoiding certain foods while the gut is healing such as grains, dairy and sugar – even heathy ones prepared properly.  After a time of healing they can often be added back in.  You may want to look at the GAPS diet.  It is fairly intense but not intended to be permanent.

My purpose today isn’t to give you all the facts but to encourage you to begin looking for answers and a few places to start.  One of my favorite resources at the moment is  Wardee Harmon has a lot of posts and podcasts about gut health and healing.  I hope you will begin to think about whether you may have gut issues and how to eat your way back to health!

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