About Me


Hi, my name is Tami Tobey.  I live in a suburb of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and am a Tami 3teacher by profession.  Over the years I’ve developed a broad knowledge base of what is healthful to eat and what types of herbs, essential oils and supplements assist the body back to health when compromised.  My passion is to bring this information to any who desire to learn without spending years doing it!  I especially enjoy sharing ideas with young moms as they learn how to care for their families in a more natural, God- designed way.

Over the years my family has been a guinea pig of sorts and I appreciate their patience with me as I’ve changed our lifestyle to be more consistent with the various things I’ve learned.  Many thanks go to my loving and supportive husband of 30 years and my two young adult children.  God has blessed me beyond measure and I hope to be a blessing to you as well!