Let’s Start

In trying to follow the trail back to where it all began for my family, I’ve discovered that I iStock_000016525159XSmall_optreally don’t know for sure!  The earliest I can remember is my mother-in-law reading the ingredient labels on various foods she purchased.  That started an awareness.  Later talk radio shows featuring area naturopaths (ND) provided additional information.  There were books along the way and then googling, websites, and blogs.  Practically, I began by serving the family raw carrots sticks, sweet potatoes and celery.  That was certainly easier than making a salad!  As time went on I added more whole grains, learned to make my own flour tortillas (my then 5 year old son refused to eat store bought), and tried to stay away from processed foods.  More information came my way about eating traditional foods, prepared correctly.  A local ND greatly increased my knowledge base in many areas such as nutrition, the importance of good rest, sunshine, water, and exercise.  God has continued to bring so many resources my way in the form of people, books, blogs, documentaries and more.  I thank Him daily for leading me to so many sources of nutrition and healing.  It’s amazing how often I am brought to a new resource just at the right time.  Now, as a family, we try to incorporate good nutrition practices and add in ways to support our bodies naturally through herbs and essential oils.

Sharing what I’ve learned has become a passion for me.  When introducing people to new concepts, sometimes they are overwhelmed by what seems like a never ending list of things to incorporate.  Keep in mind that these practices were added to my lifestyle a step at a time.  I didn’t wake up one morning and decide to ferment foods (yogurt and kefir), soak, spout, dehydrate and mill my own flour, make salad dressings, neutralize phytic acid in nuts with a salt water soak, etc!  That would overwhelm anyone.  Instead it has been  years in the making.  And am I perfect at it everyday?  Eating only what I’ve made myself?  Never making less than perfect choices?  Absolutely not!  I have my own weakness, lack of self-control, harried moments just like anyone else.  What I have tried to do is consistently make good choices and rely on the grace of God for the rest.

So if you are new to this what is a good way to begin?  A suggestion that I’ve seen and makes a lot of sense is to begin adding new health practices instead of depriving ourselves of what we are used to.  For instance, start increasing the water you drink as opposed to telling yourself “no more soda”!  The more water you drink the less room you’ll have for other things.  Maybe it’s adding a salad to your evening meal.  Perhaps replacing table salt  with a good quality salt filled with minerals such as Redmon Real Salt or Celtic Sea Salt.  Or maybe doing what I did – placing raw veggies on the table each night before dinner actually starts.  Choose something you can accomplish fairly easily and then stick with it for several weeks until it becomes a habit.  Then add something new.

I hope you’ll join me on this journey, willing to open your mind to new concepts, lifestyle choices and a healthier life!