What, you may ask, is the purpose of this blog?  It is to encourage others to make better lifestyle choices freeing them to become all God intends them to be.  Over the years my piece to play in this scenario has centered around nutrition – not just what is good for you but what is tasty as well!  My goal is to present various ideas, options, and information to help you arrive at a place of wellness, both in body and spirit.

My overall goal is to present recipes and health practices that are easy to incorporate without spending a lot of time on the scientific background.  Some of that will be made available through the blog, links to others who have thoroughly presented the information, or books.  There is much also to be learned about various principles through online searches.  Practicality will be the emphasis here!

I hope you’ll join me  in making some changes today, however small!  Each step is a victory!  And while I don’t have all the answers I may be able to help you find a piece that leads you to your next step.