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Natural Grocers and Turkeys

Recently I heard good things about a new grocery store here in Edmond.  Natural Grocers 100_6097is the name.  I had actually visited one in Tulsa and thought maybe it was too pricey.  It’s also outside of my usual route to anywhere so thought I’d just let it go.  After visiting further with a friend I thought it might be worth my time to check it out.  My first thing to do was check out the sales ad online.  I’m very glad I did!  The first week I picked up some very nice produce, Muir Glen organic tomatoes, Thai Kitchen coconut milk,  and would have gotten some whole chickens if they hadn’t been sold out.  I never made it back before the sales ad expired at the end of October to purchase them.  I decided to give it another try this past week.  Again I picked up some great produce items, as well as some other things.  I’ll let you decide if you think I got some good deals.  Here is what I came home with (all produce is organic):  red potatoes/1.09 per pound, Braeburn apples/1.69 per pound, Fuji apples (not on sale) 1.99 per pound, Japanese yams/1.99 per pound, 2 # organic green split peas (not on sale) 2.91, organic grade B (less processed and more vitamins/minerals) maple syrup 16.9 oz/10.99 (this is a great deal!), Mary’s non GMO chicken legs 2.25 per pound,  2 12 oz. pkg. uncured and no nitrate/nitrites added bacon 9.98, a package of just barely starting to wrinkle red bell peppers 2.00.  The total including tax was 57.82.

I felt like these were very good prices for the most part.  The bacon would be expensive if I were to just fry it up and serve it.  However, it will be used in beef burgundy, zuppa Toscana soup and red beans and rice.  The red bell peppers were packaged for quick sale and were amazingly tasty.  I wish I would have bought another package!  The Braeburns were delicious as well.  Not listed in the sales ad are winter squash – butternut, spaghetti, and acorn for .99 per pound

What I particularly like about this store is that all the produce is organic, they don’t sell GMO items or items with artificial sweeteners, flavorings, colorings or preservatives, and they offer cleanly raised meat.

Now to best take advantage of the prices, especially if on a tight budget, check out the two sales ads.  One ad is a monthly ad.  Even though it’s around 30 pages long, I was able to quickly scan the thumb nails and enlarge the ones I wanted to look at.  If you have time, however, you may want to read the articles included.  The topics are varied and one I want to read later is about the gluten free craze.  The other sales ad is a one page produce ad.  This ad’s prices are available for two weeks.  I decided that shopping once every two weeks to take advantage of the monthly sales and the two produce ads would work for me.  Later, when life slows down a bit (does that really happen?!) I hope to go back and more fully investigate the entire store.

Natural Grocers were advertising their turkeys this week.  There were three choices:  non-GMO for 2.69 per pound, organic for 3.99 per pound and heritage for 6.99 per pound.  For budgetary reasons I reserved one of the non-GMO turkeys and am looking forward to testing/tasting it!  I’ll let you know how that turns out!


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